The Words

Pilot is a collection of early and later works that generally use the guitar more dynamically with very simple phrasing or chord changes that are driving and percusive, although a few pieces are more lyrical.  It is a reflection of a mood or state of mind at the time, like any expression of emotion, captured in a musical composition.

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The smoke has filled a city street

The ash has burned our eyes


A tragedy of such magnitude

Can only polarize


Muhammad tell your children

They better run they better hide


The vengeance has paved our avenues

With the souls of those that died


Lady please remind me

Of the good deeds that you’ve done


Of the peace you brought to strangers

Thru all the wars you and won


It’s hard to see this image

As the blood red river runs


The portrait of a victim

Behind a smoking gun


A wind has blown in from the east

With prophecies to come


It fills our hearts with disdainful hate

It taints our hard won freedom


In our land of liberty we are the righteous ones


But in their world of poverty we are the landlords of their slums


Where children die and women cry

The men bring out the guns


A better life awaits the son

Who will die for the chosen one


Piracy, hypocrisy there‘s fire on the plain

There’s murder in this village

And only innocence to blame






We’ve all read it in the daily papers

We’ve all seen it on the nightly news

We’ve heard it from the radio instigators

How each and every one of us has been

Slightly abused


Sitting out there in the heart land

Trying to hear both sides of the debate

Sometimes I only heard the argument

That’s when I knew we were doomed

To this unholy fate


Don’t come preach to me about tomorrow

Don’t recite to me your hollow creed

I am the man with the sign

Who’ll work for next to nothing

I am the mothers with children

You refuse to feed


We all care too much for our possessions

We expect too much from the other guy

We give too little to our neighbors

Can’t seem to live our lives

Without an alibi


There’ve been some who’ve tried to guide our future

There’ve been others who’ve tried to save our soul

There’ve been those who’ve searched

The mountains, valleys and harbors

Still no one has determined what it is

We really need to know


Wars come and go for so many

But for a select few it means the end

In our poorest neighborhoods they hear the calling

From a nation they give their lives to defend


You won’t see this in the daily papers

You can’t watch this on the late night news

Flag draped coffins returning by the hundreds

A picture they tell us is too depressing

To be viewed






Dark clouds are forming up ahead of me

Starting to rain getting harder to see

Always the same, there’s trouble to be


My friends all talk about paradise

Never been there but I’ve paid the price

No time to bother now but it would’ve been nice


Must be something to do about the life I’ve been living

Must be something to do with the life I’ve been given


Shadows surround everything that I’ve done

There’s no harmony in a life unsung

Been so desperate to end what has never begun


Never been to heaven but I’ve been thru hell

I’ve walked with satan but never talk to Gabriel

Been searching for God but that’s not going so well


You know I heard since it happens so fast

Best time to take it is on the first pass

Rest assured the pain won’t last


Look’s like a storm’s coming thru




End of the Line


It’s been coming a very long time

You’ve worked so hard to keep it out of your mind

It’s no longer possible to deny the signs

When your friends have re-christened you deaf, dumb and blind


You claim you never loved her

At least not for very long

You try to hold on

You try to be strong

The pain can’t last forever

At least not for too long


Ten million love songs on the radio

Ten million struck by Cupid’s bow and arrow

Feels like you are the only one not caught up in the flow

How this could ever happen I guess we’ll never know


You’re crying your eyes out

You know where she been

You’re crying your eyes out

You know this is the end


End of the line – no where to go

End of the line- nothing to do

End of the line- nothing to say

End of the line- except go away


End of the line- conductor called out

End of the line- trains coming to a halt

End of the line- track has run out

End of the line- this ride is sold out




Watch it Grow (War Song)


Watch it grow

Low and slow

Watch it rise

In disguise

Feel the pain

Every vein

See the fear

It draws near

Watch it grow

Low and slow


Watch it grow

Low and slow

Hear it speak

Whisper weak

Start to stalk

As you walk

Catch the glow

You will know

Watch it grow

Low and slow


Watch in grow

Low and slow

Feel the rush

Faces flush

Bodies melt

Death is felt

Razor thin

Cuts the skin

Watch it grow

Low and slow



Watch it grow

Low and slow

See it move

Watch it flow

Feel it move

Touch the flow

Watch it rise

In their eyes

Hear the cries

You despise

Watch it grow

Low and slow



All Their Faces



As I look into the sun

All their faces everyone

When will I have peace

When will I have release


As I walk into the sun

And unload this heavy gun

All their faces everyone

As I look into the sun


As I walk this city street

All their faces that I meet

When will they allow me peace

When will they provide release


As I look into the sun

All their faces everyone

Today will bring me peace

And tomorrow release






Bring Back


Angry foolish people all out in the streets

With plastic friends just molded from some lonely island

Smiling smiles you all still smile and try to repeat

Some well used words with meanings that we’ve never really learned


Bags at hand in rags that demand a life of solitude

No one speaks avoiding a request for a spare coin or two

Disbeliefing, every meeting, expectations of servitude

Held to blame in a moment of shame their not too concerned


Brightly shining lights are burning holes in your eyes

As windy storms raining down distorts and deforms

Concurrent schemes and hopeless dreams make no sense of lies

Your children learn to share concern of how they’ve been deceived


Tapestries, conspiracies, plagues your gratitude

Ancient spires, city of liars, rooms with no view

Justice escapes as you all debate this new attitude

A source of neglect, prolongs, protects lies you once believed




Empty faces in empty spaces, no one really cares

About how you live, we stand and embrace but we never forgive

And as you’re doing this or you’re doing that you must always beware

Of anyone who calls to you to let down your walls


Bring back the living








Not Enough


More than we need

Less than we have

Together in a life we seldom share

Less than we need

More than we have

Lost in a shadow of endless despair

Maybe love’s just not enough for us to care.


Empty in life

But full of its years

hardly a day without anger and pain

Full of this life

Yet so empty the years

To live this way will drive us both insane

Maybe love’s just not enough for us to blame


When’s our day of


Too long to be so manicly depressed

Let’s find a place of


To free us from this loneliness and distress

Maybe love’s just not enough for us to confess



My Love (Under the Stars)


Under the stars tonight

My love shines so bright

In the break of day

My love finds its way

And as I sing you this song

I hope it won’t be long

Before I see you again

In the break of day

Under the stars tonight

My love shines so bright

In the break of day

My love finds its way

An as I sing you these words

I hope they will be heard

Before I’m with you again

Under the stars tonight

Across a moon lit sky

My love to you will fly

Melts the miles between

Into our precious dream

And when I sing you this song

You know it won’t be long

Before we dream once again

Across the moon lit sky


Song of Love


One voice makes a melody

Two voices bring harmony

Together they sing

Their song of love


On this day before our eyes

The journey of two young lives

Lifts our hearts to hear

Their song of love


As their new life will unfold

With a joy we’ll all behold

Together we sing

Their song of love


In a world where love is rare

The deep love these lovers share

Fills our lives with hope

Their song of love


One voice makes a melody

Two voices bring harmony

Together they sing

Their song of love


This Night (Night Vigil)


Out of the darkness

I take up your hand

I look in your face

But don't understand

This night


I wish I could be

The man that you need

The one to let go

So you can be freed

This night


Just watching you breathe

I hold my own breath

Refuse to believe

So few moments left

This night


We whisper our love

The same as before

Accepting the truth

We choose to ignore

This night


Into the darkness

The chill is so cold

I look in your eyes

As darkness takes hold

This night